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logo USICWhat is USIC?

USIC (Union Sportive Internationale des Cheminots) is an international railways sporting association with members from various countries.

The General Meeting, the International Governing Body, consists of 23 national associations from Europe as well as India and Kazakhstan.

1. The USIC Board is the management body of the Association. It shall prepare the resolutions to be passed by the General Meeting and shall ensure their implementation. It shall represent the Association in its external relations.

The Core Technical Team (CTT) shall deal with any technical matters arising from international championships and any other international railsport matters, in particular the following duties:

The Secretariat of the Association shall be managed by the General Secretary. GS shall implement and monitor any resolutions which have been passed, shall conduct the day-to-day business of the Association and shall draw up an Association activity report covering each reporting period. S/he shall also convene the General Meeting and any other meetings for which s/he shall draw up the agenda in agreement with the President.

The USIC Management

 dominique paget


Dominique PAGET (FRA) 

 manfred hilger

Vice President

Manfred HILGER (GER)

 miroslav kapralek

Secretary General


 peter lienhard



 guenther johansen

Chairman CTT