1. The USIC Board is the management body of the Association. It shall prepare the resolutions to be passed by the General Meeting and shall ensure their implementation. It shall represent the Association in its external relations.

2. It shall be responsible for all such matters which are not reserved to the General Meeting in accordance with the Statutes, the Internal Rules of Procedure or the Sport Regulations. It shall be vested with the following powers:

a) Taking any measures necessary for achieving the purpose of the Association. Such measures shall be submitted to the General Meeting for approval
b) Administration of Association assets and approval of the annual statement of accounts and budget proposals
c) Convening all General Meetings
d) Implementing the resolutions passed by the General Meeting
e) Dealing with any proposals concerning the admission or expulsion of members for the attention of the General Meeting
f) Dealing with any proposals concerning changes to the Statutes, the Rules of Internal Procedure or the Sport Regulations for the attention of the General Meeting
g) Appointment of official representatives at USIC championships.

3. If need be, the General Secretary may set up a sub-committee with the agreement of the President, the Vice-President, and if necessary after consulting with the Treasurer.

The USIC Board shall consist of the following:

  • the President of the Association
  • the Vice-President
  • the General Secretary
  • the Treasurer
  • the Chairman Core Technical Team