The 52nd General meeting of USIC took a place between 23rd and 27th of May 2016 in Albena (Bulgaria).

Brief content

Opening of the 52nd General meeting of USIC was dedicated to the memory of the deceased General Secretary of USIC, Martin Westerbeek.  President of USIC, David Franks, in the presence of Martin´s partner and sister introduced his life and work for the USIC.

Reports from General Secretariat, Treasurer, Auditors and President PTC/CTT were approved.

New Statutes, Internal rules of procedure and Sport regulations were approved after making changes in accordance with proposed modifications.

Suggested changes of rules for nordic skiing, alpine skiing, tennis, orienteering and football final were also approved.

The General meeting approved the text of Memorandum of Understanding between The International Railway Sports Association (USIC) and The International Union of Railways (UIC).

Latvia, Sri Lanka and Romania have expressed their interest in the membership in the USIC.

New information regarding the sports calendar 2017: angling – September (Ireland), athletics – February, Pune (India), futsal – 11. – 15.9., Brno (the Czech Republic).

Handball and ninepins were excluded from the USIC sports calendar.

Evaluation of the USIC Trophy was performed: men (2014 – 2015) – 1. Bulgaria, 2. Russia, 3. Germany

Women (2012 – 2015) – 1. Switzerland, 2. Denmark, 3. Bulgaria.

The football final will take a place in 2019 in France.  France as an organiser and Belorussia as the winner of the previous championship have the direct participation. 15 countries remaining were draw as follows:

  Group A
Group B Group C Group D
1. Denmark Belgium Bulgaria Germany
2. Switzerland Poland Slovakia Russia
3. Norway Czech Republic Luxembourg Austria
4. India Greece Ireland  

(From the group A and B are two qualifiers and from group C and D is one qualifier).

Results of elections

USIC President – not elected

USIC Vice-president - Dominique Paget (France), he also will perform the function of USIC President to the next elections

General Secretariat – the Czech Republic

President of CTT - Günther Johansen (Denmark), members of CTT – Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Belgium

Auditors – Luxembourg, Austria

General Secretariat of USIC