The 53rd USIC General Meeting took a place in Vienna between 15th and 19th of May 2017. Delegates from 20 member countries participated in this General Meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Dominique Paget and besides had the following on its agenda:

  • reports from the General Secretary, Treasurer (including the budget approval until 2020), Auditors and CTT President,
  • development of the USIC - UIC cooperation with the active participation of Mr. Loubinoux, UIC delegate,
  • expulsion of Azerbaijan from the USIC for repeated failure to meet financial obligations,
  • adjustments of the USIC Statutes and Internal Rules of Procedure,
  • sports and technical matters (results of the Survey, demonstrated interest in organising the USIC championships; Ireland - Golf 2019, Bulgaria - Volleyball 2019 and Chess 2020, Czech Republic - Athletics 2019 and Belarus - Futsal 2021, lot - Bowling, Badminton and Futsal 2017),
  • elections (Dominique Paget from France was elected as a new USIC President and Manfred Hilger from Germany was elected as a new Vice-President),
  • appreciation of Romeo Koch, former USIC Technical delegate.

The General Meeting was held at the 70th anniversary of USIC. All delegates received a publication, which was processed in the Czech Republic and contains USIC activities between 1996 and 2016.