On Monday 20th of November was organized the first international chess charitable tournament from UIC and USIC to the benefits of Médécins du Monde. 21 Players from 4 different countries participated at this event: Russia, Germany, Belgium and France.

It took place at the headquarter of UIC in Paris. Lunch was covered by USCF and Dinner by UIC. USCF was in charge of the technical part. This event was the final event after a year of cooperation between USIC and UIC in their caritative program. The first one was in Bulgaria for the USIC Bowling, second in Switzerland for USIC Badminton and the third one in Czech Republic for USIC Futsal. All the benefits of this program will be given to Medecins du Monde during the General Assembly of UIC on the 6th of December in Paris. The cooperation between USIC and UIC will continue in 2018 and more details about this coming year will be given soonly.

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